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A two-factor authentication for mobile phone.

Tectia MobileID is a strong two-factor authentication service that utilizes the most readily available authentication device, the end user's existing mobile phone, to provide higher security and ease of use for user authentication to various enterprise services.


  • Two-factor authentication increases security by requiring something that the user knows (user name and password), and something that the user has (the mobile phone).
  • Tectia Mobile ID uses the most readily available, easy to use and understand authentication device, the end users existing mobile phone.
  • A tokenless solution that requires nothing to be installed on the user's mobile phone is the easiest and fastest way to activate users for two-factor authentication
  • Integration to corporate user directories and databases enables instant access to existing user information.
  • Tokenless solution removes the costs of distributing, maintaining, and replacing additional hardware such as security tokens or other devices.
  • Fast activation and de-activation reduces the time spent for distributing the tokens streamlining the processes and enable more efficient business operations.
  • Tectia MobileID Server integrates smoothly into internal or external directories of the corporation, as well as into the existing corporate applications and keeps the security processes and systems intact.
  • Standard interfaces to existing business applications and services, such as VPNs, Juniper, F5, Citrix, Cisco, Checkpoint, and web services, enable organizations to add new services and use cases with minimal changes to the environment and user experience.
  • With multiple authentication methods available, Tectia MobileID serves as a versatile authentication platform providing login also through the use of hardware tokens, software tokens, e-mail, or even password lists. The wide range of available methods allows  strong authentication without mobile service coverage.
  • Tectia MobileID does not require any applications installed on the user's mobile phone making the user experience flawless, easy to understand and use.
  • The user simply enters the one-time password provided into his mobile phone as a text message when requested.