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Security Assessment, Risk Identification, Threat Analysis.

Vanguard Analyzer delivers expert-level vulnerability assessments and audit results for System z® in minutes, using Vanguard’s extensive knowledge base of security best practices. The software provides comprehensive system integrity, verification and auditing capabilities, including assessment, risk identification, threat analysis, and specific instructions on how to fix identified problems. By providing an in-depth overview of current system status, identifying exposures in simple business risk language, and prioritizing findings for immediate action, Vanguard Analyzer simplifies the audit process.

Auditors can use Vanguard Analyzer to quickly take a system snapshot, perform specific individual audit functions, or perform a full audit automatically. Vanguard Analyzer ranks messages by importance so that the most critical issues can be addressed quickly and appropriately. After an audit is run, a panel detailing an audit's result, or findings, are displayed with highlighted areas that identify where potential security exposures may exist.

Without Vanguard Analyzer, a high level of z/OS® system expertise was required to determine if an audit finding was significant, define what the finding really meant for IT security integrity, and explain how it could be fixed. Vanguard Analyzer runs thousands of integrity checks automatically, provides clear explanations of findings in terms of business risks, includes detailed recommendations for corrective action based on practices implemented by major auditing firms, and offers expert-level policy implementation guidelines that both security staff and management can understand.


  • Ensures expert-level audit results.
  • Reduces the number of manual tasks required for a system assessment.
  • Improves the quality and consistency of the assessment.
  • Enables management to demonstrate due diligence in regulatory compliance and audit readiness.
  • Delivers the needed information to the correct people quickly.