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A Security Solution Providing Practical Audits That Verify System Compliance With Set Security Policies.

In today's high-profile data security environment, businesses, financial institutions and government agencies spend time, money and effort in creating security policies that represent the ideals and objectives of their organization. Security administrators, auditors, legal representatives and management create these pertinent security policies. Too often, the policies are shelved in a three-ring binder - and do little more than collect dust.

Vanguard inCompliance™ puts security back where it belongs - out of the binders, off the shelves, and into your information systems environment. inCompliance can be installed and used effectively with almost no user training and configuration. Don't think that because it is quick and easy to use that it is a lightweight in terms of its audit capabilities. inCompliance leaves no area of potential vulnerability unexplored, executing literally hundreds of different kinds of compliance checks using the same security rules that implement your security policies.


  • Provides an instant overview of an organization's entire Security Server (RACF®) environment with just one or two mouse clicks using a web browser.
  • Drills down quickly to a detailed view of any compliance check with another one or two mouse clicks.
  • Immediately identifies high-risk situations and/or potential compliance violations.
  • Recommends corrective actions where appropriate.
  • Encourages authorized users and IT auditors to quickly analyze and identify essential policy standards and rules online through scrollable web pages.
  • Provides a step-by-step Security Server (RACF) web-based guideline, including demonstrations of all compliance checks.
  • Provides continuous "self-audits" that prevent negative external and internal audit findings.
  • Performs SOX, HIPAA and other required regulatory compliance audits fast and with minimum impact on security staff.