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Ongoing System Z Security : Event Dectection, Analysis and Reporting.

Vanguard Advisor accesses log data and information from IBM's Security Server to guide the administrator or analyst in finding and fixing potential security problems and analyzing security-related behavior. Advisor also performs full-time continuous event monitoring with automated alerting when events are detected that signal a potential intrusion or weakening of security. Only Advisor offers a full range of powerful security tools that:

  • Detect intrusion attempts and automatically send e-mail messages to resource owners alerting them to an attempted access by unauthorized users.
  • Dynamically switch between live and extracted log data at any time from within Advisor for the most flexible data analysis and reporting.
  • Automatically recreate commands based on log data using Advisor's Command Journaling feature.
  • Easily create custom report formats for "ad hoc" reporting from all possible data fields.
  • With a few keystrokes generate and submit jobs for extracts, command generation, and execution of RACF utilities.
  • Painlessly issue commands to modify the Security Server database (RACF) without exiting Advisor using Vanguard's exclusive SmartLink™ integration technology that connects Advisor to Vanguard Administrator's RACF command capabilities.
  • Take advantage of other advanced features such as report filtering based on job name, immediate command execution support, and much more.


  • Enterprise Wide Reporting
  • Powerful Security Reporting and Analysis
  • Off-the-Shelf Reports
  • Generate Custom Reports with Ease
  • Bringing Reporting, Audit and Administration Together
  • Go Live or Extract Log Data
  • Violation Notification and Reports via Email
  • Reconstruct Your Security Net
  • Unprecedented Masking Power
  • TCP/IP Reporting>
  • Extended Scoping
  • DB2 Activity Reporting