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Monitor & Control z/OS Security Server

Vanguard Policy Manager™ reduces security risks and assists organizations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Designed to help enforce security policies and ensure that administrators cannot issue unauthorized commands, Vanguard Policy Manager enables security officers to precisely control who has authority to execute specific commands.

Vanguard Policy Manager uses documented system interfaces to give organizations greater control over the types of commands specific administrators can issue. The software provides more granular controls than those available natively within RACF. With Vanguard Policy Manager, security officers can establish authorization profiles that specify precisely which commands and operands an administrator is authorized to execute.


  • Reduces security exposure and helps enforce security policies
  • Aids in HIPAA, SOX, PCI and other regulatory compliance
  • Ensures unauthorized commands are not issued
  • Provides more granular authorization controls than native RACF
  • Controls issuing of commands even for those with the broadest authority
  • Limits exposure to outages caused by human errors due to lack of overall system and security knowledge