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Single Secure Domain for the Trusted Enterprise

Vanguard Authenticator™ is a secure authentication service built on Vanguard’s Secure Domain architecture. It provides reduced sign on authentication services to users and other enterprise-wide systems. With Vanguard Authenticator, enterprises can maximize IT investments and reduce total cost of ownership by mitigating risks, decreasing authentication costs, streamlining administration of users and saving administration time and overhead.

Most enterprise end users maintain multiple user ID and password combinations. With Vanguard Authenticator, the number of user IDs is significantly decreased; users must only remember and maintain a single password. Vanguard Authenticator allows an ID to be deactivated once, immediately securing multiple access points. Authenticator processes all incoming authentication requests and performs authentication against the z/OS Security Server.


  • Streamlines user administration, saving time and overhead
  • Inexpensive to deploy and maintain with easy configuration and administration, and support for hundreds of devices
  • Decreases security threat profile by controlling enterprise-wide access from a secure location.
  • Easier and reduced administration from a centralized location
  • Simplifies the user experience by reducing the number of user IDs and requiring only one password to remember
  • All software and hardware developed in North America
  • Available as an appliance or software only option for Windows Server