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Empowering Users to Reset Forgotten Passwords

User Reset of Forgotten Passwords - Vanguard PasswordReset™ is the Enterprise-Wide solution to forgotten passwords that provides immediate payback plus long-term benefits to your company or organization. It's your "pathway to profitability."

Vanguard PasswordReset is a revolutionary new self-help password resetting solution that increases profitability in enterprise environments. Vanguard PasswordReset addresses the common problem of forgotten RACF passwords. It allows authorized users to quickly and securely change their own passwords anytime, from anyplace..

How it works

PasswordReset is easy to use. It begins with a quick and easy registration process. Users connect to PasswordReset via their web browsers and enter a series of questions and answers of their own choosing. Only the user knows the questions and answers they have chosen. They are encrypted by PasswordReset and stored in a secure RACF® database on the mainframe.

When a user forgets their password they enter their RACF ID into the PasswordReset web page, and are presented with the questions they chose during the registration process. The user then enters the correct answers to their questions and chooses a new password.


  • Eliminates lost productivity when users are unable to access computer applications.
  • Provides improved help-desk productivity by allowing support staff to concentrate on solving other issues rather than time-consuming password resets.
  • Enhances enterprise security by standardizing password reset activities and eliminating human error.
  • Increases profitability by automating costly password resetting activities
  • Helps retain customers by making it easier for them to access extranet and e-business environments.
  • Virtually eliminates actual or hidden costs associated with installing, administering, maintaining and retiring thin-client software on user work stations.