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Simplify and Enhance Your Security Management Functions.

Vanguard Administrator™ offers the widest range of administration, data mining, and reporting tools available today to simplify and enhance security management functions on systems running IBM's Security Server™ (RACF®).

How it works

As Vanguard's flagship product, Administrator is the software pioneer in offering significantly higher levels of security administration over the native capabilities of the IBM Security Server (RACF). Vanguard continues to enhance Administrator's functional leadership by offering improved performance, ease-of-use, expanded functionality, and full integration as a vital component of the comprehensive Vanguard Security Solution™.

Vanguard Administrator easily handles increased management workloads and complex system administration for either centralized or decentralized Security Server environments - in either interactive or batch processing modes. Security automation features provide easy-to-use password administration, decentralized administration support, task-oriented, context-sensitive administration, authority analysis, background security assessment, DB2 authority reporting and data services. Now, beginning with the latest release, Administrator supplies complete management capability for the digital certificate information controlled by the z/OS Security Server (RACF).


  • Minimizing Risk
  • Bringing Together Administration and Reporting
  • eDistribution for Fast Online Reports
  • Go "Live" or Extract Security Data
  • Full Control of Commands and Profiles
  • Decentralized Environments
  • Schedule Commands for Unattended Operation
  • SMS File Handling
  • User Data Editor
  • Ensuring a Secure DB2 Environment
  • Managing Digital Certificate Information