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Encode or decode XML, SOAP, JSON direclty in your COBOL programs

Easily design and generate your XML, SOAP or JSON encoding/decoding COBOL programs using XML Thunder.  Using the visual design tool just map your COBOL fields to XML, SOAP, or JSON nodes and generate a fully functional data binding COBOL program to either parse or produce XML, SOAP or JSON. You can then work with your XML node values as regular COBOL fields - fast and easy!

Full life-cycle solution: XML Thunder is a full life-cycle solution so you can use it for both development and maintenance. Respond quickly to requirement changes using the visual designer. Automatically generate COBOL code to implement changes in mapping or spcifications.


How does XML Thunder work ?


XML Thunder's visual designer allows the mapping of XML, SOAP, or JSON nodes to COBOL fields. Use the wizard for easy and fast visual development! Generate efficient and fast COBOL program source code or even C classes to implement the mapping between the desired (XML, SOAP, or JSON) nodes and program specific (COBOL or C) data structures.

how to develop


  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface greatly improves developer productivity
  • Fully automate COBOL and C source code generation for reading and writing XML, SOAP or JSON documents
  • Easy understanding and mappping of XML document, SOAP or JSON messages to regular data structures via a user-friendly visual designer
  • Full source code generation enables much faster development
  • Create your COBOL or C data structure from XML schema or a sample XML document, or easily map your COBOL or C data structure elements to your XML document nodes
  • Runtime validation ensures that the received XML document, SOAP or JSON message conforms to their original specifications
  • Shelters developers from tedious programming to handle XML, SOAP or JSON rules
  • Generates XML, SOAP or JSON processing COBOL or C subprograms for flexible architecture
  • High return on investment