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Sysout and log management for Control-M

The sysouts and logs produced by the jobs in the Control-M batch scheduler must not only be securely stored and maintained long term, but also readily accessible by both the production staff and the end-users.

APS Sysview for Control-M provides a secure centralized repository for sysouts and logs produced within the Control-M for Distributed Systems environment. With APS Sysview for Control-M , Control-M sysouts and logs are securely archived and easily retrieved. Users can search for and access this data through a web based interface, without the requirement of accessing the Control-M user interface or the use of line commands:

  • Long term availability of Control-M sysouts and joblogs
  • No negative resource or performance impact on the active Control-M
  • Control-M sysouts and logs are easy to search for and retrieve
  • Web interface requires no additional client software or licensing
  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Secure and audit compliant
  • Facilitate internal communication with sysout annotations

APS Sysview for Control-M

Sysouts produced by jobs and the logs produced by Control-M are stored and maintained within an MS SQL Server database in binary format outside of the Control-M scheduling environment. Because of this, data can be stored for an extended period of time without having a resource or performance impact on Control-M.

Users can easily search for and retrieve data through a web interface using keyword and/or full text searches. There is no requirement for users to install client software, access Control-M user interfaces or utilize line commands.

Securely archiving and maintaining logs and sysouts produced by business critical applications fulfils only half the requirement of being compliant. This data must also be able to be selectively recalled when necessary. APS Sysview for Control-M provides a complete solution to both securely maintain and easily recall Control-M data. Additionally, free form annotations can be added to further document sysouts.

APS Sysview for Control-M is easy to implement and easy to maintain long term. It uses standard Control-M utilities to collect data (sysouts and logs). Common communication protocols are used between the APS Sysview server and Control-M Servers. There is no direct communication between APS Sysview for Control-M and the Control-M agents.