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Web based job level monitoring, operating and administration for Control-M experts and self-service users.

APS Manager for Control-M provides unique capabilities for Control-M experts and self-service business users to securely monitor, operate and administer Control-M for Distributed Systems via an intuitive web interface. APS Manager is priced attractively, with no limitations on the number of jobs executed in Control-M or the number of users utilizing APS Manager for Control-M.

Job Monitoring

APS Manager for Control-M is a 100% web based solution. Monitoring of the Control-M for Distributed Systems job executions does not require any installation of a fat client software component. Within one view, job status information of one or even multiple Control-M servers can be followed in a consolidated way. Users can set filters to focus on those areas important for them.

Control-M alarms, visible in the APS Manager for Control-M web user-interface can also be pushed via an RSS feed to any available RSS reader. The security settings of specific users are respected. Users can now receive Control-M alarms via their RSS newsreader on different devices, including smart phones and tablet devices.

Through the integrated user right management, APS Manager for Control-M can be adopted to the needs of Control-M experts and self-service business users. This advanced architecture enables companies to use one integrated solution for multiple user profiles and requirements – and this is all achieved without any change or modification of Control-M job definitions.


The job monitoring capabilities from APS Manager for Control-M can be complemented with with operating functions in order to find the reason and potentially resolve anomalies in the Control-M batch execution immediately. If and what operating function a user can perform is governed by the APS Manager for Control-M user right management.

If authorized, an APS Manager for Control-M user can also gain information and/or perform actions on various elements influencing and determining the job execution, including conditions, control resources, quantitative resources, global auto edit variables, LIBMEMSYM files, shout destination tables and calendar utilization.

Requesting Jobs on Demand

Depending on the user rights granted through the APS Manager for Control-M user right management, a user can also order or force specific jobs and/or tables on demand via the APS Manager for Control-M web portal. Again, no modification of job definitions are required to allow users use this function in a self-service mode.

Information Portal and Administration

Allows authorized users to gain information and administer the active Control-M environment, including Control-M servers, Control-M agents, databases, user daily processes, conditions, resources, variables and much more; without using line commands or “administrator-only” fat clients. With this, specific users can retrieve certain information or perform administrative actions, without the need to grant these users full administrative rights.

User Administration

APS Manager for Control-M comes with an integrated user management facility. User rights can be assigned to users and types of users on a very granular level. User and password authentication via LDAP / Active Directory is supported. Functions can be made available to authorized users, without giving these authorized users full Control-M administration rights. Users are only allowed to monitor and operate on those jobs they are authorized for. With this, organizations can maximize the use of the product based on their individual needs, while staying in full control.

Depending on the user rights granted within APS Manager for Control-M, users may see or not see the status of particular jobs or groups of jobs.

Audit Compliance

All operations performed by users are logged, creating an audit trail.


The APS Manager for Control-M architecture consists of two main components; the APS Manager Console and the APS Manager Server.

The APS Manager Console is installed on a Windows Server, accessing the Control-M Enterprise Manager database. The APS Manager Console provides web based, consolidated monitoring of one or multiple Control-M servers. In combination with APS Manager Server, APS Manager Console also provides web based operating and administration functions.

The APS Manager Server is installed on each supported Control-M for Distributed Systems Server. The APS Manager Server provides web based, Control-M server centric monitoring, operating and administration of Control-M for Distributed Systems. In a multi-Control-M server environment, the installation of APS Manager Console is recommended.

The web interface is designed in such a way that no installation or browser plug-in is required. All relevant browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported. This includes support for Safari on iOS (iPhone and iPad).