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Extended monitoring and operating for TWS

In today’s workload automation environments maintaining an uninterrupted batch flow is critical. Scheduling staff are required to proficiently run an increasing number of jobs within a static or shrinking batch window. When a failed or delayed job is not identified and attended to immediately the repercussions can extend throughout the entire schedule. On top of all this, Service Level Agreements must still be met.

Centralized TWS Monitoring and TWS Operating

TWSemon is specifically designed to address these requirements by providing one central point for the enhanced monitoring and operating of the TWS for z/OS and TWS End to End batch flow running on one or more controllers.

Extended TWS Monitoring capabilites

TWSemon allows the TWS Operator to focus his/her work on the important issues within the active TWS Current Plan environment. Monitoring capabilities that go beyond the functionality of the TWS standard features assist in detecting important jobs in error, important long running jobs, jobs or groups of jobs that have missed or reached a milestone, inactive TWS Workstations or a deactivated job submission.

Extended TWS Operating capabilities

The integration of monitoring and operating capabilities with TWSemon does not only allow TWS Operators to detect important issues immediately, it also enables the TWS Operator to analyze and resolve identified issues in record time.

Support of Multiple TWS Controller Environments

From one screen all relevant batch production issues are identified through color coding and can be analyzed and immediately resolved. TWS for z/OS controllers of mixed releases are supported and there is no limit to the number of TWS for z/OS controllers that can be monitored and operated.

Cross TWS Controller Dependencies

TWSemon also allows to define job dependencies which span cross TWS controllers. With this, all cross TWS Controller Dependencies can be maintained and monitored from a central focus point, reducing maintenance and administrative tasks and providing a better overview and control.

Error & Event Reporting and Archiving

All out-of-line situations and actions are logged by the TWSemon Archive Facility, creating a completely centralized audit trail. An archive list can be displayed in the ISPF interface.

Proactive Notification & Automation

Email or WTO alert messages can be issued for every new event that TWSemon detects.

Low Resource Consumtion

TWSemon was intelligently designed to have a very low footprint on your systems. TWSemon utilizes the operation-status change exit (EQQUX007) for nearly all of its interfacing with TWS for z/OS. The advantage to this design is that the status of your TWS for z/OS jobs are reflected almost instantaneously within the TWSemon interface while having extremely low overhead.

The flexible architecture of TWSemon allows users to monitor and operate multiple TWS for z/OS controllers on multiple LPARS, CPUs, SYSPLEXes or even other data centers. TWSemon fully supports IBM’s TWS End-To-End architecture.

Improved Productivity and Improved Quality

TWSemon enables you increasing the quality of, and decreasing the effort put into, the detection and resolution of out-of-line situations in the batch production environment. Real time monitoring, early detection and timely resolution of these situations is the key to maintaining a smooth running production batch flow.