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Business Service Monitoring and easyQuery

APS Advisor is a family of web based products designed for Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts who automate their business processes using Workload Automation or Scheduling system, like Control-M. Unlike other solutions, APS Advisor transforms important technical Workload Automation data into meaningful, easy to understand and business relevant information.

The APS Advisor component “Business Service Monitoring for Control-M” allows monitoring of Control-M for Distributed Systems from a Business Service Delivery perspective.

Business Users, IT Managers and IT Experts gain an immediate overview about the status of the Control-M Workload Automation related Business Service delivery via the web, mobile devices (like Blackberry, iPhone or iPad) and push email. The solution includes proactive mechanisms to inform users if future service deliverables depending on batch execution are potentially at risk.

The benefits are obvious: Users gain up to date information about mission critical Business Services delivered through Control-M Workload Automation systems without consuming time and resources from IT Experts. This self-service approach for Control-M improves the service delivery agility and reduces costs.

Business Service Visualization

Status of a single Business Service

The status of an individual Business Service delivery can easily be identified through the graphical representation of the Business Service in the APS Advisor Business Service Monitoring dashboard. If a Business Service has started late or the predictive end time is after the expected end time, orange color indicators flag the expected or real delay. When a Business Service is running on time, no orange color indicators are visible; the remaining service execution is represented by the grey progression bar.

Business Service Details

If authorized, the user can also see the status of all jobs which are part of a Business Service and review a color coded graphical flowchart representation of the Business Service delivery.

Integration with APS Manager for Control-M

Authorized users who  have licensed APS Manager for Control-M can branch from
APS Advisor directly to the web based APS Manager for Control-M to perform operational and administrative tasks.

Grouping of Services

Individual Business Services can be grouped together. The user can then decide if he/she wants to follow the Business Service delivery status on an individual Business Service level or on an aggregated Group level. With this the user can gain a better overview and can drill into the Business Services and Business Service details whenever needed.

Current Business Services and Business Service History

Running and Planned Services

Within the Business Service Monitoring folder of the APS Advisor interface, Business Services that are running or planned for the current Control-M order date (ODATE) are visible.
Only Services the user is allowed to see are visible. The user can further select which Business Service he wants to see and in the desired sort order.

Last Started Services

In many cases, users would like to see the last started execution of a Business Service. The APS Advisor folder Last Started Services provides a quick overview of previous Business Service executions. Different viewing formats are available, including an overview in a dashboard type style.

History View

Past Service Executions can be queried via the APS Advisor Business Service History folder.
If authorized, full job status and flowchart information about the historic Business Service is available for review.

Business Service Administration

Defining Business Services

A Business Service is a number of dependent jobs which automate the delivery of a business relevant function.
APS Advisor provides different models to define a Business Service:

  • Paths between one or many start jobs and one end job
  • Paths between multiple milestone jobs
  • Jobs of a specific table
  • One single important job

All Business Services are defined in a non-intrusive way via the APS Advisor web interface only. Not a single job needs to be added to Control-M or modified.
The Service definition wizard ensures that Services are defined correctly.

Service Level Runtime Administration

It is very typical, that the expected start times and the desired end times from a Business Service are different on different days. Tere may be even different expected start times and desired end times within a day, since a Business Service may execute several times during a day. Based on this reality, you may have different sets of Service Level Agreements for weekends, weekdays or month end runs, etc.
With APS Advisor you can work with the same Business Service definition and assign different runtime settings to this single Business Service definition.

User Role Mapping

The Business Services defined within APS Advisor will be mapped to defined User Roles. Users can only see the Business Services they are allowed to.

Predictive Engine

Automated Path Analysis

Based on the information available in the Control-M Active Job File, the Predictive Engine of APS Advisor calculates for all active Business Services defined by start and end jobs or milestone jobs all possible paths between the defined jobs. This ensures maximum accuracy, even in constantly changing environments.

Advanced Runtime Calculations

A key aspect of a correct and reliable prediction of when a Business Service deliverable will be available – beside the correct Path Analysis – is the correct estimate of how long individual jobs will run.  Simple average calculations of historic jobs runs often lead to wrong results. APS Advisor provides Enhanced Runtime Calculations which consider for example only historic job runs of a specific day of the week combined with the capability to ignore exceptional long or short historic job runs.

Administrator Messages

Due to the fact that some situations cannot be predicted based on mathematical algorithms, APS Advisor allows users with administrative rights to override the predictive calculation of APS Advisor for a specific Business Service.