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PINgrid is a revolutionary authentication technology that takes advantage of the mind’s hard-wired ability to remember patterns and shapes. It uses this handy common evolutionary inheritance to provide a very robust, but brilliantly simple-to-use, logon system – and in the same breath removes the need for users to carry things like key fobs, tokens or remember multiple passwords or PINs.

How it Works

PINgrid simplePINgrid securePINgrid memorable

SIMPLE Memorable Secure
A grid of numbers that changes every 60 seconds. Your memorised pattern that you have chosen. Added together to get your one time code to login.

PINgrid can be used as a 6×6 or 8×8 grid. A 6×6 grid contains 2.1 billion possible pattern combinations which represents a highly secure environment suitable for most deployments. If you need extra strength security to protect highly sensitive documents or critical company information or assets, then an 8×8 grid is available containing 68.7 billion possible pattern combinations.


  • Patented, award-winning technology
  • 1.5 and 2 factor authentication
  • NO hardware tokens!
  • Securely logon on Windows Desktops while in or out of the office
  • Native transaction signing / validation capabilities
  • Emergency Override Access
  • Secure access to internal & Cloud-based applications
  • Free Soft Token download from all major mobile app stores
  • Real-Time or Pre-Send token delivery via SMS or e-mail
  • Active Directory or LDAP database storage (no schema extensions)
  • RADIUS & Web Services interface for universal integration
  • Helpdesk identity validation
  • Highly competitive pricing and flexible licensing options
  • Simplified user provisioning (thousands in an hour)
  • Web-based Operator portal for IT Helpdesk day-to-day operations
  • User self-service portal and password reset
  • FIPS 198 & 180-3 compliant