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Identity Consolidation, Privilege Management and Audit

Combines comprehensive bridging of Linux and UNIX systems to Active Directory with powerful privilege management and session monitoring across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. Net result is increased security, improved compliance and comprehensive reporting and auditing.


  • Reduce risk of security breach Protect critical information and minimize attack surface by providing only necessary access levels to IT systems.
  • Make compliance efforts efficient and effective Easily prove who has access to what IT resource, and how that access is used across the enterprise.
  • Accelerate time-to-value with a proven partner Achieve rapid value through an experienced identity management leader with over 5,000 customers.
  • Thwart in-progress attacks via MFA Stop attackers using stolen credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA).


  • Increase security and accountability Associate privileged activity with an individual versus a shared account when users log in as themselves and elevate privilege as needed.
  • Speed deployment and reduce integration costs Deliver identity consolidation, privilege management, auditing and reporting for Windows, Linux and UNIX systems with one solution.
  • Improve operating efficiencies and lower TCO Leverage existing investments in technology and skill sets. Productivity improves when access, privilege and audit policies are managed from a centralized point of control – Active Directory.
  • Sustain compliance and simplify IT audits Streamline the audit process via a 360-degree view of what users can access and when, and record their activities.


  • Easily access servers and applications
    Administrators log in through Active Directory and get secure SSO access and the privileges they need across Windows, Linux and UNIX servers and applications.
  • Administer servers, apps and services the way you always have
    Administrators log in as themselves and seamlessly elevate privilege as required to do their job without disruption to their current routines.
  • Get the access you need Centrally managed access assigned through roles provides users with faster access and fewer time-consuming errors — all through your existing Active Directory infrastructure.