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Cloud Identity, Mobility and Mac Management

Centrify Identity Service improves end-user productivity and secures access to cloud, mobile and on-premises apps via single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Supports internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers). Manage apps, mobile devices and Macs via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

Manage and Secure All Users

  • Control access to cloud and mobile apps and manage the devices used to access them
  • Improve security by eliminating easily cracked, recycled or improperly stored passwords
  • Keep sensitive directory info where you want it: on-site in LDAP or Active Directory, in cloud or any combination
  • Create comprehensive user access policies that span across apps and devices
  • Enforce deeper security with per-app policies and context-aware multi-factor authentication
  • Manage and control application provisioning and entitlements
  • Secure your BYOD initiatives through integrated, cloud-based mobile device management (MDM)
  • Enable social login from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft
  • Provide SSO across disparate tools, sites, apps or services
  • Give users a consistent login experience across your brand 
  • Speed onboarding of new customer accounts
  • Free developers from the hassles of identity/user management
  • Use secure standards like SAML and OpenID Connect
  • Eliminate standalone silos of identity to reduce IT overhead
  • Give partners secure access to just the resources you allow
  • Let your partners manage their own employee identities
  • Implement access policy that meets your needs, without having to manage partner policy
  • Enable simple multi-factor authentication for partners as needed, without investing in additional infrastructure
  • Avoid complex implementation and risky firewall changes