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Building Performant and Highly Scalable Real-Time Web or Mobile Applications

The Kaazing Gateway is a connectivity innovation that leverages the reachability and connectivity of Web standards like WebSocket.
It exceeds these standards to offer major security enhancements, a highly performant and scalable architecture with on-premise or cloud-friendly deployment.

Connecting Applications When the Web Is In The Way

Kaazing’s mission is to offer our customers secure, on-demand Application-to-Application (A2A) connectivity without the need for legacy networking solutions.  Our high-performance cloud platform reliably extends any A2A TCP protocols over the Web and avoids insecure and inefficient hacks.
Connect between data centers, partners, on-premise, in the cloud, between clouds, between on-premise and the cloud. Deploy architectures which are point to point or hub and spoke, depending on your needs. Scale to 100,000s of connections on commodity hardware. Support billions of messages per hour.

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